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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that is the ninth and the giants take game one. game one goes to the san francisco giants. and it was never really in doubt. you might even call it a blow out. congratlations to the san francisco giants and welcome back to our live coverage of game one of the world series. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. san francisco fans are still believing. san francisco grabs the first game of the 2014 world series winning it on the road. the giants jump to an early lead thanks in part to a hunter pence home run in the first- inning and the giants starting
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pitcher madison baumgartner took over from there. giants 7-kansas city one. we have team coverage beginning with ktvu's amber lee. she's been talking with fans in the city's south of market neighborhood. amber. >> reporter: julie we're right outside at&t park and across the street from momo's a popular spot for fans, whether the team is at home or on the road. tonight we found plenty of fans here and at many other venues. >> at the soma street food park world series on a big screen tv and dinner from a food truck. a perfect way to spend a tuesday night enjoying the hall classic from the road. >> food, drinks, people, giants fans why would you go any where else. >> reporter: eyes trained on the game action. >> i felt like it was so close. >> reporter: watching the game
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with like minded people. >> we're coming in with confidence, we're going to dominate the series. >> reporter: whole foods markets closer to the ballpark recently introduced a new chat room for sports fans. it was a venue of choice for some giant fans tonight looking to relax but still wanting company. >> people here obviously cheering, obviously excited but a little less wild. >> the atmosphere is different. it's really calm, it has a really good community feel too. >> reporter: total domination by the giants. total elation from fanless. >> i feel great. you know it's just first game, one down. we'll take it home, trying to take it in four games. >> i'm super excited. 2010, 2012 now 2014. go giants. all the way. yeah you will. >> reporter: fans are looking
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forward to game two, three and four. they say friday can't come soon enough when their beloved giants come home to play. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> yeah, friday is going to be fun. all right thanks amber. now to the other side of the bay and john sasaki who caught up with giant fans at mccubbies restaurant. >> reporter: this place is empty now but it was jam packed during the game until the giants nailed it down then that's when the place went crazy. now reaction as the giants recorded the final out sealing their victory. this game was free of much tension. giants built that early lead of 3-0 after the first-inning and never looked back. while the royals did threatened several times. the crowd here grew more and more comfortable. one woman we met had some excellent analysis on why the team is doing so well. >> that's our brand of baseball.
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giant's baseball. we go up against the team that's been undefeated in the postseason. we load the bases and we just keep grinding away until we shut them down. over and over and over again. and this is what makes this team so exciting. is that they're just known for doing this. >> reporter: the owners of this restaurant are very good friends with willie mccubbie. they told me they talked to him several days ago. he's been ill recently. when they talked to him a few days ago they said he was doing pretty well and that he is seriously enjoying loving this moment when the giants win the world series again. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. >> i remember watching willie mccovey when i was a kid. number 44. stretch. and one of the key to the giants was the first series lead. they came out smoking and took a 3-0 lead right in the first and the team never looked back. >> it silenced the kansas city fans before the royals even came up to bat. sports director mark ibanez is live now at kansas city and the
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tone has already been set. >> reporter: all right, well julie, you ever have a weed blower from a neighbor wake you up at about 6:00 in the morning. pretty annoying but that's what they're doing behind me. i apologize if you can't hear me or i can't hear you. but i tell you what the giants silenced, absolutely silenced this huge throng of kansas city fans and they experienced something they haven't before this, a defeat. after eight straight giants come out swinging and it's pablo, pay me pablo sandoval shot to right. easily gregor blanco scores. no doubt about it, hunter pence going deep with his first home run of the world series and the giants with the 3-0 lead and after that, just put the ball in madison baumgartners hand.
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and there you go, he will continue his postseason scoreless streak on the road of 32-2/3 innings not allowing the run when he pitches away from at&t park. finally did give up a home run to salvador perez in the 7th inning. way too late. and the giants victorious 7-1 in game one and the statistic that puts all giant fans minds at ease right now. 10 of the last 11 world series winners to take game one went on to win the world championship. so it's all the way around, just a great story for the giants. and they will be back in town of course on friday. but game two tomorrow, formost at the thought. at at&t, it's quite here as far as fans go loud when it comes to those weed blowers. back to you julie and frank. >> what are the chances there would be some guy with the weed blower there right as we're
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going online. thought it was a jet engine or something there for a while. the weather held for today's game. it's beautiful there in kansasty kansas -- kansas city, but it's possible there may be rain tomorrow night. >> and rosemary orozco is tracking what could be thunderstorms for tomorrow's game. >> it looks like it will be late in the evening. tomorrow partly cloudy sky, 70 degrees a light breeze. it's going to be another good day. we have nice weather all the way through about 9:00 and then the possibility of scattered showers will increase. i got the futurecast model over kansas city here. here we are at 5:00. notice there is a line of rain still over the state of kansas as we move to 7:00 mostly cloudy skies over kansas city missouri. and the rain creeping in just a little bit closer. i now have it until 9:00. still mainly dry. until 9:30, 10:00 that chance for scattered showers will be
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increasing. thunderstorms look to hold off until after midnight. so today's game ended before 9:00 p.m. if that's the case for tomorrow, we're in great shape. but if it goes long, that could increase the possibility of a little bit of wet weather. game three back home in the bay area may also be met with wet weather. i'll have a look at that in the extended forecast coming up. >> thanks, rosemary. what a way to start the world series and what is it about sports that is so important to so many people? maureen naylor talked to a psychology professor tonight and she's live now in campbell with some answers, maureen. >> reporter: julie from campbell to corte madero pretty much everywhere in between. giant fans can feel good about having a win. and we spoke to that psychologist about why tonight's win is so special. >> we're in the world series, yeah. >> reporter: an early champane
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celebration from this giant fan. nannette has a 2012 jersey, and then there's her dog torrez. and of course she has tickets to the first home game. >> because it's the first time that they win three times in my lifetime. >> it gives people a distraction from what's going on in the real world. my name is thomas plant and i'm a professor of psychology at santa clara university. >> reporter: the professor explains why the win is so important. >> it sets a tone, whoever wins the first game all of a sudden is a front runner. >> reporter: this director is doing his part to win. he is sitting at the same
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table. >> we were sitting here last time. it's working. >> reporter: of course. and the psychology professor told us that there's a valuable lesson for children in this world series, that there's not one super star but it's important for people to come together as a team. >> the giants are also trying to complete what they call an even year trifecta. winning the world series in 2010, 2012 and now maybe 2014. >> sports producer told us how they got it rolling in game one. >> ♪
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>> hunter pence with a two run shot. that dropped by baumgartner. >> there's the battle to plate now 20-7. an rbi base hit to make it 4-0 san francisco. 2-2. baumgartner makes the play. that ends the ninth and the giants take game one. >> game two of the world series is set for tomorrow night you can see it and all the world series games right here on ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news.
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coverage starts at 3:30. mountain lions creeping through a community and one was caught pouncing on this car. what can and cannot be done about the danger. >> temperatures are moving up in the bay area forecast. how long you'll have to enjoy this warmer pattern. >> all of this orange and black means lots of green. the millions of the reasons the bay area has to celebrate and that includes those who aren't giant fans.
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nice shot there, san francisco skyline all lit up in orange tonight as the city shows its pride for the giants and celebrates tonight's huge win in game one. the giants certainly giving a big boost to the bay area's economy. heather holmes is in san francisco where all that orange is bringing in a lot of green to the city. >> reporter: yeah it certainly is frank from the tax on gear to the tax on hotel rooms all of it sets millions and millions of the dollars for the city. san francisco on booming economic good times. it may not be a huge city but san francisco is a major destination. and it is set to attract even more visitors and eyes when the sports spotlight shines on the city for game three of the world series on friday. >> city hall could not be more orange as you can see. >> reporter: or more thrilled. the giants championship run is the cherry on top of what has
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been a banner month. >> we have dream force, we have fleet week and thankfully this year we have the world series. >> reporter: mayor events bringing in big bucks to city coffers. open world alone was projected to generate $120 million in economic activity. >> nobody take that is for granted. we know that millions of dollars in economic impact are pumped into all our neighborhoods. >> reporter: one looks around and it's clear this is not a typical tuesday night with bars and restaurants packed. >> you want to get a chance to get together with your friends and experience the magic of play off baseball. >> reporter: and maybe buy a few rounds. >> probably going to be a couple of $100 between five of us at least. >> reporter: from drinks to booking hotel rooms, fans are spending. and san francisco is seeing the value of play off baseball in more ways than one. >> i don't think anyone down in this area or south of market is complaining this time of year.
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>> reporter: orange october is more like green october. extra revenue that wasn't expected but boy it is certainly welcomed. money that will go toward school, housing, transportation and parks. something that even you nongiant fans out there can celebrate. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2. stay with us for continuing coverage. at 10:30 we will take you to a famous san francisco bar that played host to giant and royal fans. and then at 11:00, turn to tv 36 we'll keep the conversation going with more live coverage. why a bet a couple of weeks ago means giant fans aren't celebrating with special orange ale. new at 10:00, an investor is expressing interest in funding the coliseum project in oakland. floyd capear of the renaissance
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company appeared with oakland major gene quan. the city decided to allow for deal. kephart admits that he's not just sitting back. >> as the mayor said in the beginning, this is a very complex opportunity. >> reporter: the raiders lease in oakland expires after the season and there's talk about some nfl team moving to l. a. several new developments to tell you about tonight concerning the ebola situation. first we have some good news for an american photographer who was diagnosed while working
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in liberia. ashoka mukpo will be released tomorrow. he posted a facebook postthat says he doesn't know how he contracted ebola. and nina pham is recovering. scientists are testing her dog for possible exposure to the virus. her dog is in quarantine in texas. here in the bay area, nurses are concerned about ebola if cases of the virus should come to our state. >> but now california health care workers say they have received some reassuring news. john fowler tonight on why they feel they have won a hard fought victory. >> reporter: at the nurses union headquarters in oakland this afternoon, more than 200 nurses got to sound off to state regulators from cal osha. >> i have great concerns that there are not enough hospitals in this state to provide safe care to an ebola patient. >> we do not have skin guards,
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we don't have the protection equipment, the optimal ppe that we have been asking for. >> reporter: bay area hospitals we spoke with included john muir, ucsf and medical centers say they are training staff and providing equipment exceeding guidelines. but nurses point out guidelines are voluntary. at the state capital, nurses met with jerry brown asking the guidelines be made law. >> very willing to work on this. >> satisfied? >> at this point yeah, he hears our urgency and what we need. >> reporter: for the first time since ebola infected nina pham, governor brown offered hope. >> i do believe his agencies are staying up overnight, they're listening, they're working with our folks. >> reporter: new regulations take time but nurses say they are hopeful they'll have something firm before the first
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ebola patient arrives in california. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. homeland security is making a change affecting people traveling to the u.s. from the hardest hit parts of west africa. from now on travelers will be required to enter the united states and be screened at one of five airports. those airports are chicago's o'hare, john f. kennedy, newark liberty. >> a nice weather day over the bay area today. another nice one expected for tomorrow. and talk about nice what a beautiful view. looking into san francisco and the bay bridge. mostly clear skies this evening. picking up just a little bit of cloud cover north of santa rosa. that's about it. we have plenty of clear skies to get into the evening hours that will set up for a cool
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morning once again. currently temperatures 53 degrees. right now in walnut creek 59 in novato. 59degrees outside your door in san jose. as we get out the door tomorrow morning, temperatures ranging in the mid- to upper 40s in areas like napa as well as santa rosa. a chill in the air once again. a widespread 50s around the bay. 53 for your mountain view and temperatures inland ranging in the mid-50s from concord, livermore and into antioch. for the afternoon we'll have partly cloudy skies. take a look at the pattern. very mild once again. a lot of 60s and 70s out there with pleasant weather in the forecast throughout the day. 72 expected for oakland tomorrow afternoon. 73 in fremont. 70s for san mateo and redwood city. checking in over the north bay we have 71 for santa rosa tomorrow. 73 in napa. and far inland communities 74 in concord. 75 in antioch. again with mostly sunny skies.
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so mild weather continuing at least through wednesday. but i do see wet changing coming back to the bay area as early as thursday for some parts. i'll have a look at that futurecast model. take a look at the extended forecast into your bay area weekend coming up. a key figure who helped uncover the water gate scandal has died. also the future of air bnb in san francisco comes down to a vote. what the outcome means for rentals going forward. >> and what wildlife officials had to say to concerned residents after several recent mountain lion sightings here in the south bay.
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♪ come and get it. new at 10:00, a gathering of concerned neighbors in the south bay tonight after a series of mountain lion sightings and in one incident a big cat was video taped jumping on a parked car. cara liu is live where wildlife
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officials tried to calm fears tonight, cara. >> reporter: they sure did, tenants likely would have been a lot higher had it not been for the game, but a couple more residents wanting information. >> i wanted to alleviate the fears. and expressly with halloween coming up. mountain lions are more afraid of you than you are of it. >> reporter: officials addressing concerns after several recent mountain lion sightings including this one caught on home surveillance. a puma pouncing on a car near almendon country club on monday night. >> they're not out, we're not food. people are not food. for the most part dogs and cats are not food. but where there are deer there are going to be lions. >> reporter: many at this community at the edge of the mountains were worried. including a woman who says her daughter saw a lion late at night outside their home in near by santa teresa last week. >> we have a big window and the window was open. so she was afraid for her life.
10:26 pm
she weighed like 95-pound so she hid until it passed and then when it left she ran upstairs. >> i used to park outside now i park in the garage because i have two small kids and i'm scared for them. >> reporter: wildlife officials hope to educate residents about what they can and cannot to. >> we get asked the question a lot, just tranquilizer, and relocate it. it doesn't work biologically. it does not work. we just want people to cohabitate with the lion. because the lion is just doing what lions do. benjamin bradley the long
10:27 pm
time head of the washington postnewsroom and editor of the postduring the water gate scandal has died. >> that's actually jason robart playing bradley in the film all the president's men. the real bradley that's him there, guided bernstein on the water gate scandal. it led to a pulitzer price and the resignation of president nixon. he worked as managing editor. he died in his home in washington of natural causes. ben bradley was 93 years old. later tonight, talk of a new toll on the golden gate bridge. why you could pay even if you're not in a car. >> and the party continues in san francisco with the giants game one world series victory. find out how kansas city fans
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fared this evening. >> and remember you can get ktvu news to go. you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46. to be w♪rth the risk." i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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san francisco's embarcadero center trimmed in orange. at lefty o' doules they set up a live feet with another bar in kansas city so they could do some trash talking. >> reporter: owners tonight were more than willing to carve
10:31 pm
out a little space for kansas city fans as well too. orange and black and blue and white. lefty o' doules set up a live camera with walshes corner bar. >> i wanted to be in a place where i didn't have to be alone in an orange and black ocean for safety reasons. >> it did lead to a little trash talk. >> i like people from kansas city, they are good people. what i don't get is why did they get the dodger blue uniform? >> haters going to hate.
10:32 pm
>> no they're very nice. >> reporter: under certain concerns it might provide a big screen mash up at the plaza. but some folks say they prefer the intimacy of a big game in a small room everyone with opponent fans. >> i like it. we're all here to win. >> reporter: and the celebration continues here. the two bars have made bets. the owners have decided to exchange items depending on who wins the series but for now coming back live you can see these folks are just enjoying the moment, hanging out at the piano bar and looking ahead to tomorrow night's game game number two in kansas city. but still being celebrated here tonight in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco union square. >> that looks like fun tonight. while the giants were taking the spotlight in kansas city there's a silent auction in san
10:33 pm
francisco to benefit giant fan bryan stow. it took place at pete's tavern. it will continue each night of the world series all of the money from the winning bids will go to bryan stow to help pay for his round the clock care. as you know, he suffered brain damage, serious brain damage in march of 2011 after he was savagely beaten by two dodger fans on opening day. the mayors of san francisco and kansas city have a friendly wager going. and it starts with good deeds. if the giants win, kansas city mayor will come to san francisco and sing with the glide ensemble and he will serve food to the homeless. he will also send some of kansas city famous bar-be-que and jazz. and if the giants win, mayor lee will send boudine's famous
10:34 pm
bread, ice cream and phils coffee to mayor james and will go to kansas city to read. and where we found people following all the giants actions and one employer that made it easy. apple has posted a new warning for users of its own line storage service i cloud. the cupertino company is asking people to not issue their user names and pass words if their diverted. apple says it's aware but so far those attacks have not been successful. people in san francisco who want to use air bnb and other services to rent out their homes got a little boost today. the city's board of supervisors passed legislation today legalizing the short term rentals. the ordinance will allow people
10:35 pm
to rent out their primary residence for less than 30 days at a time. owners will have to pay taxes though on what they make. that is expected to raise millions for the city each year. warning stickers like this one warning that burning gasoline contributing to climate change can some day appear at pumps in san francisco. the ordinary is said to be introduced tomorrow by avilos. it would require gas stations to post the stickers. the city of berkeley is considering a similar measure. oil companies are expected to lobby against them. most experts say they expect the republican party will take control of the u.s. senate following the november election. an associated press poll of likely voters released two weeks before the election found 47% want to see a gop majority in the senate. that's even though seven in 10 say they are dissatisfied with
10:36 pm
the republican leaders in congress. hundreds of people gathered to remember air tanker pilot jeffrey greg hunt as a great hero dedicated to fire fighting. during a memorial service in san jose, hunt was given full honors after he was killed in the line of duty. the 62-year-old former naval aviator from san jose died october 7th while battling the dog rock fire near yosemite. fire and law enforcement agencies lined up in front of the church of the hills to salute the fallen hero. >> today we celebrate a husband, a father, a friend. a teacher, a colleague, and a hero. we'll miss him forever. >> reporter: hunt was buried in indianapolis where he is from. the family has set up a memorial fund in his name to benefit a school in north
10:37 pm
carolina. a warmer pattern settling into the bay area forecast. i'm tracking how long you'll have to enjoy these mild conditions. >> and how much would you pay to walk or bike on the golden gate bridge? up next, the new talk of charging a toll.
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the city's top tourist attraction the golden gate bridge will soon charge a toll to walk or bike the bridge. bridge officials are said to consider it again this week. rob roth gauges public opinion about a possible toll for pedestrians and cyclists. >> reporter: some people just like looking at the golden gate bridge, others like to cross it on two feet or two wheels. >> it was a nice day actually. >> reporter: while drivers must shell out up to $7 for a trip
10:40 pm
across, the approximately 16,000 others who bike or walk do it for free. >> i don't think they should charge. >> reporter: but that could change. the bridge district is looking at the possibility of charges a toll to pedestrians and cyclists how much is still unknown. >> the district had a $33 million five year deficit they're trying to address. >> reporter: if the bridge ticket does go down this task it could expect to fight. the coalition is already on record for opposition. what about a small toll? >> relatively small amounts turn into relatively large amounts. >> reporter: some visitors to the bridge say they would pay to cross it? >> i would pay $2. >> maybe a quarter. >> reporter: but many others say no way would they want to pay. >> i run or bike as much as possible. if i had to pay a fee it would be pretty upsetting. >> reporter: up until 1970 the bridge did charge a toll since
10:41 pm
then the idea has been floated around several times but never materialized. >> you have to have stuff that's free for people who can't afford it. >> reporter: the regents board is expected to discuss the tolls but if it were to happen though it probably wouldn't be for another two to three years. on the golden gate bridge, rob roth, ktvu news. there are now four bay area restaurants where the coveted three star mitchell rating. three stars to benu and three starts to sazon both in san francisco each of them had two stars last year. this marks the first time ever that they've awarded three stars to a restaurant in the city limits. the restaurant at meadow wood and french lawnery each maintain their three star rating. this is 56-year-old jeffrey
10:42 pm
fole. he was arrested in frill after leaving a bible in a hotel. north korean officials did not explain why he was being freed but his family is relieved. >> we were digging in and preparing for the long haul. that was the plan at this point in time and when i say long haul i mean years. >> reporter: the white house says two other americans may also come home soon. kenneth bay is a christian missionary. and we will go to kansas city to hear from mark ibanze and reiss. they will break down what led to tonight's big win. >> rosemary orozco's big forecast. how a chance of rain could affect the giants here at home. >> reporter: at sfo we got fans who got glimpses from their airplane seats or mobile apps.
10:43 pm
the many ways fans used peck to tune in. it's estimated that 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by people looking for parking. that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years. we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information, sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are. the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing;
10:44 pm
allow this small start up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants, and that certainly is huge.
10:45 pm
well it used to be that you had to be at the ballpark, near a tv or radio to catch a baseball game but not anymore. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama caught up with fans tonight who found other high tech ways to tune in and she's at san francisco airport now to show us how. jana. >> reporter: well julie and frank, how times have changed. you know these days with mobile apps, tablet technology, wifi and satellite tv we found fans even on board planes tonight who got a glimpse of the game. >> orange and black lit up sfo and dominated the night. >> giants number one. world series. >> reporter: everyone -- even for travelers on the move.
10:46 pm
some fans heard the game from 20,000 feet in the air thanks to satellite tv technology. >> every time something great happened a lot of clapping. >> high fiving each other for each hit, each run. it was wonderful. >> reporter: on arrival passengers phones came out of their pockets. >> we were watching every little pitch go by on the ride home. >> reporter: rush hour commuters kept tabs on the game. >> i've been texting back and forth with my kids and my wife. >> reporter: some companies let employees work while watching the big game on a big screen. smart phone apps kept others appraised of the action. >> here's the mlb app. i have everything that i need to make sure i don't miss anything. >> reporter: it wasn't just giants faithful. >> this is my facebook page. >> we found a kansas city fan in fog city rolling with the royals on facebook.
10:47 pm
>> i'm watching my facebook thread and seeing a lot of my friends who are at the game thoroughly enjoying it. >> reporter: all technology that really helped people feel like they're part of the games. reporting live from sfo, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a nice orange sfo. well some unite fans are taking their pride for home team an extra step. take a look at this photo, shows a tattoo boasting the 2010 and 2012 world series champions. he may need to start on his other leg. also take a look at this photo. a giant fan with a team logo scarefully sculpted into his hair. share your fan photo using the hash tag giants 2 win. the dow was up 215 points the nasdaq rose more than 2% on a gain of 103 points all of this comes after a steep decline in recent weeks.
10:48 pm
and yahoo shares rose in afterhours trading after the sunny vale company surprised wall street with its third quarter earnings report showing the jump in revenue. yahoo also showed that mobile revenue was up and it made more than $6 million for its stake for its commerce ali baba. weather over the bay area today and i think tomorrow will be a lot like what we had for today. tonight it's a quiet one. we have mostly clear skies north of santa rosa. picking up on a little bit of cloud cover. we don't have to go too far north to actually see some rain. we've got light sprinkles over the north western corner of san francisco here. you can see eureka getting a little bit of light rain. for us it's going to be dry and mild for tomorrow. changes begin as early as thursday. we're going to show you that in the futurecast model. i want to show you this satellite view because it takes
10:49 pm
out the rain and it really gives you the idea of the circulation in the atmosphere. see all that cloud cover there streaming in over northern california. we're picking up some on the edge of sonoma county. take a look at what's happening here. this spin here in the gulf of alaska is the parent system that will be sending us more rain in the days ahead. i'm going to take you out all the way to friday. i'm going to pile a lot on your plate then we'll come back and talk about tomorrow. as we get going tomorrow morning, we have partly cloudy skies. mid-level clouds passing over the area. a lot of 60s and 70s. there's already rain popping up over parts of the north bay. you're going to notice it stays primarily over the north bay and sinks south. there's a chance for showers in the north bay on thursday. we're now into friday. notice the time. 5:00 in the afternoon game three in the bay area. at at&t park, and that next
10:50 pm
line of rain still well offshore. yet at this time that rain line was entering into the bay area. so we will fine tune it as we move through the next couple of days. but right now it looks like mainly dry conditions for game three on friday. as we get into tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, cool conditions. partly cloudy mild for the afternoon. temperatures range from the mid- 30s to the mid-50s for the start of the day. then mid-70s in petaluma as well as danville. santa clara valley a nice one for you. 74 san jose. allowing the pennsylvania we have temperatures in the low 70s. for san mateo you're looking at 71. 67 san francisco, the extended forecast there still mild tomorrow. chance for showers on thursday primarily over the north bay. friday we get into that possibility but it looks like really late in the evening maybe saturday and then we're dry saturday afternoon. >> keeping fingers crossed. thank you. we're talking more about the world series you couldn't have asked for a better start.
10:51 pm
the giants just came out smoking and they never stopped. >> got just what they wanted tonight. the team that just seems to know how to get it done this time of year did it again tonight in game one of the world series. with the team in this series for the first time in 29 years the fans in kansas city started the evening in a frenzy. and that frenzy lasted about 1 inning. one run in the first one. pence got hold of a shield pitch. sandoval had driven in the first run. instant rain on the royals parade 3-0 the third was the royals best chance to get back in the game. after putting runners on second and third with nobody on or out that is. madison baumgartner worked his way out of it. this single by michael morrison. then in the seventh they got two more. the big hit, joe panic's to right. blanco goes all the way around. he later scored on a hit by sandoval. the giants take game one of the
10:52 pm
series 7-1 as baumgartner rises to the world series occasion for the third time in his 25 years. mark ibanez and scott riess both joining us live now from kansas city. many story lines to talk about in this one. baumgartner contributing up and down the line up. you saw a very excited crowd go quiet before a half inning was in the books. >> yeah, well you know, i think one of the things that people were talking about prior to the game was how the royals would respond. yes they have set a major league record by winning their first eight postseason games. but yet they're kind of untested obviously in the world series. and i think their youth and inexperience in some regard showed up after the giants scored. they looked just a little bit overwhelmed i think. >> they had this aura of
10:53 pm
invincibility about them and that will happen after eight straight wins. and it was a hugely critical inning in this world series run. >> i think that, i think that was big for us. it was big for our offense from a confidence standpoint. it was big for baumgartner to get three right off the bat. >> it's important especial little this crowd. a little bit loud. not like san francisco giant fans, especially in the postseason. so we take advantage of all the things in scoring position. >> winning everybody, hopefully we all get hot. that should be, that's going to be amazing if we can do it. but at the same time,
10:54 pm
baumgartner did a good job tonight. >> five different players drove in runs for the giants and every starter except travis ishikawa had five straight hits. everybody chipping in. >> that just shows you how loaded the giants are right now. ishikawa he was out of the game by the fourth inning. and replaced by juan perez for defensive purposes. same time, same station, for scott reiss and mark ibanez from kansas city back to you. >> and the giants will send peavy to the mound to face ventura. as san francisco trys to take a 2-0 lead in the series. >> other things happening in the sports world tonight. when we come back we'll show you how the sharks wrapped up their five game eastern road trip. ♪
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it looked promising for the san jose sharks in the second period tonight in boston 2-2. joe pavelski feeds joe thornton. the third was all blocking the bruins had already taken the
10:58 pm
game. 5-3. the road trip finished. the sharks go 3-3. we're moving over to tv 36. see you there.
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let's go, buddy. school time. oh, and, gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later, i could just, you know, watch the football game or something. that means he wants to watch the football game. i'm not talking to you. and what are you drinking coffee for, anyway? it's my culture. i'm colombian. oh, yeah? what part of colombia are those french toaster sticks from? gloria: babe, i'm not sure about the game. the whole family is coming over for the barbecue. it's today? si. it's the ohio state game. so, everybody can watch. i don't like watching the game with people who don't know the game. people talk. you talk at my football games. for one thing, it's called soccer. your team's scored two goals all season. i'm not taking a big risk. [ hollow clank ] how much of this did you drink? give me a break. i have to climb a rope today.


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